29 April 2008

masquerading revelry

Here's yet another one of those priceless treasures that I'm parting with for the sake of art and commerce...I cannot get enough of this mysterious antique badge. I received a message about it from an admirer and I told her that I will be sad when it goes...she suggested I keep it. But the truth is, I just can't be that greedy. I'm hoarding amazing treasures by the drawer full and haven't been able to part with many of them yet. Sometimes I just haven't dreamed up the perfect showcase for them...sometimes I just can't bear the thought of not being able to see something every day and be inspired by its loveliness. So when moments arrive when I am able to let go. I embrace them. I will miss you masquerader. But we'll always have this blog post. xoxo samantha

16 April 2008

riding high

i've been searching and searching for a bicycle ever since i moved out to a more rural, farm area - you know - the type of bicycle that begs for a basket, the kind that lures you to give it a spin over acres of grass, and of course one that has a style that is unshakable.
and yesterday...i found it. it was a moment of happenstance too perfect for words. one of my favorite vendors at my local flea market had four glorious vintage bikes for sale - and this schwinn cruiser - in sleek racing green - beckoned. and now he's mine. i got him just in time as apparently 20 other people desperately wanted to escape with him as well. i cannot wait to spruce him up - a basket, steamers and a bell all seem to be in his immediate future. i want to dress him up in his party tux. and the local farmers market opens today too. oh the places we'll go...
i think he needs a name too...any suggestions?

14 April 2008

sublime physics

here's a shameful academic secret of mine: i've never taken a course on physics! sad but true. i forsook physics for the exciting world of organic chemistry and spent a lot of time drawing molecular models instead of discussing fulcrums and speed ratios. but that doesn't mean that i don't appreciate physics - quite the contrary!! my desire to rectify my academic shortcomings has resulted in this necklace. not only is it anchored by a pulley - but it also features gears and cogs inside the watch mechanism as well as a magnetic compass! viva physics! i am sorry i abandoned you! vive la physics!

09 April 2008


wunderkammer indeed! german for "room of wonders", french artist hubert duprat has been creating these elaborate and opulent cases for decades by "collaborating" with caddis fly larvae. yes...larvae! duprat removes the caddis fly larvae from their natural environment and supplies them with gems, pearls and precious metals. the larvae are bound by nature to create protective cases for themselves while they mature and when they finally emerge from their "cocoons" they leave behind little tubes encrusted with things you'd expect to find in a master jeweler's workroom. the larvae weave the gems and gold together with silk from the inside of the tube and with a little manipulation, duprat and the caddis flies have managed to create absolutely stunning wunderkammer. For more info - I highly suggest this article.

07 April 2008

away from it all

just spent an hour dreaming about a cozy cottage getaway after i happened upon this site. this lovely home is nestled in the western scottish countryside and i could definitely do with a few weeks to be inspired...too bad they're booked through september!!
but honestly - check out the site the selection of cottages is not to be believed!

05 April 2008

all the marbles

swirly delights! i've had a vast collection of marbles for a good portion of my life. they've been in vases and underfoot...rolling down wooden chutes and sitting on the windowsill...but anywhere they are is a place i'd like to be. i love this marble collection (editorial note: not mine! these are antique german beauties)! the dancing tangles of glass look like synapses or even capillaries. the colors are dreamy yet bright. a bouquet of glass just in time for spring.