06 August 2009

Anna & Zooey

I was so excited to see this Zooey Deschanel/Joseph Gordon-Levitt video today - inspired by, but unrelated to their new film (500) Days of Summer. It's set to the She & Him (Zooey & M.Ward) song "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" and if you don't own the She & Him album (one of the best from last year...go get it now!)

There are so many parts of the video to love and admire. Additionally it reminded me of one of my favorite moments in the history of film...the Anna Karina/Sami Frey/Claude Brasseur cafe dance from Bande A Part

01 August 2009


Some days it is best to take on the persona of a warrior - in spirit, body, mind, and ensemble.

Referencing classic literature, film, and music is helpful in this pursuit. And thus I offer Fritz Lang's Siegfried's Tod for inspirational consideration.