20 May 2008

Artists and Fleas

This past weekend I participated in the Artists and Fleas market in my old stomping grounds of Williamsburg Brooklyn and I had an amazing time. Not only did I get to meet some of my most favorite customers in person, I was also situated right next to Lux Sugar - THE ladies of cupcake making extraordinaire. I had the "Samantha Jones" cupcake - a lemon confection with vodka icing! I thought I'd post some images of my display since I nearly always forget to take them after I set up. If you've ever thought about vending at Artists and Fleas, I can't recommend it more highly. Georgia who runs it is a doll, everything ran smoothly and I had quite a successful day. It was sad to find out that many of the etsy sellers who were supposed to vend canceled at the last minute and disappointing that no one from etsy admin brought any swag...but they were the ones who missed out.

14 May 2008

six for now

i thought i'd just do a random post about things i love or find inspiration in (oh...and it's an illustrated anthology...just to pique additional attention!)

1. paper moon (1973 dir. Peter Bogdanovich)
I absolutely adore this film. (The book it's based on is
also pretty darn wonderful - it's called "Addie Pray" by Joe David Brown -out of print, but available from time to time of ebay...)
Addie is an orphan (...or is she?) and her moxie is g
onna carry her through the depression with the "sunny side up".

2. horse noses i live across the street, down the street, up the street, and around the corner from horse farms. there is nothing softer and sweeter than a horse's nudging nose against your wrist when you give it an apple or carrot...or a sugar cube. any time i pet a horse's nose, i realize how incredibly happy i am to be alive.

3. apple butter by far the most excellent spread ever created. i recently learned how easy this is to make in a slow cooker and even though apple season has come and gone, i have amazing plans for jars and jars and jars of this stuff once next year's winesaps are ripe!

4. remy charlip - a most amazing children's book author - the book i've featured here is my absolute favorite from when i was a wee girl. i am quite certain we had this out of the library for months at a time. i think it was already out of print then. thankfully some publishers have come to their senses and reissues of most of charlip's books are now available. need a present for a young (at heart) friend?...this is it!

5. the lilac time (& stephen duffy) i can hardly believe that i've been listening to this amazing band for nearly 20 years! stephen duffy, his brother nick, and an alternating yet always astounding group of musicians craft gentle, jangly folk rock with a quintessentially literate appeal. each song is a poem and each melody a masterpiece
6. first world war poetry
i've always considered the first world war to be the unfortunate, brash kick start of the modern era - and nothing captures that pivotal time better than the poetry written by the soldiers who were caught in the trenches during the war and shell-shocked afterwards. the tragic wilfred owen, siegfried sassoon, and rupert brooke are perhaps the most well-known of these writers. the loss of innocence and dismayed horror of war they convey through their writing is breathtaking and sadly incredibly pertinent today.