17 August 2008

lazy thoughts

Quite a pertinent post as i've been such a lazy blogger as of late...but truth be told, the wheels of creativity have been in full gear even though my blogging has been lax. I've been experimenting with new necklace forms and am quite excited by my new metamorphosis collection of convertible necklace/bracelets all crafted from antique lockets, fobs and watch chains. I've also desperately been attempting a re-organization of the studio as my collection of chains, charms and other goodies has nearly overwhelmed me. If they take up arms, I am without a doubt, a dead duck. Luckily I have managed a slight break-through in that department and am now in full swing yet again. Here's to productive times! Oh - on a side note - the image here is from the cover of a book I found recently on one of my flea market outings. It's written by Jenny Wren (which was, truth be told, a pseudonym) but upon my investigation of Jenny Wren, I happened upon the shop of an adorable doll maker from Tasmania! I'm always thrilled to find doll makers who make sweet, and baby-safe (sewn eyes) cuties so please take a moment to look at her blog and shop!