07 October 2008


in my constant search of vintage and antique jewelry i am always thrilled to happen upon monogrammed, initialed, or name-plated designs. they bring such a delightful sense of history and wonder to every creation. below are some of the most recent finds. i have to say the HEM piece is a personal favorite as I think of it as a sewing talisman...

Introducing....Earl "Snake Hips" Tucker

Wowie Zowie as they say...

06 October 2008


In many states, today is the absolute deadline for registering to vote in the upcoming presidential election on November 4th.

If you aren't registered yet, please make the effort TODAY to get registered. It's so easy. I promise you can do it in less than 10 minutes! If you aren't sure of where to go or what you'll need to register, please see this site or check with your local board of elections.

I've included a few posters from the United States women's suffrage movement during the first half of the 20th Century to inspire you. We fought for the right to vote, we earned the right to vote, and now is the time to vote and the time to make your voice heard.

Be sure to confirm the time your polling place will be open on November 4th and what type of identification you will need to bring with you. If for any reason, after you have registered, you are told you are ineligible to vote on election day - DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER and cast a provisional ballot.

The decision made on November 4th will impact the next four and possibly eight years of your life, your family's life, your friends' lives, and this country's livelihood. Make sure you have a role in deciding on the future of this great land. Please register NOW!

03 October 2008

lost vignettes

traveling from flea market to antique shop to estate sale in search of the long lost treasures that i transform into my jewelry creations is perhaps the most exciting part of my creative process. "the thrill of the chase" as they say. recently i came across this locket - nothing overtly precious, simply a well-worn brass locket that contained a portrait of a young boy in a slightly askew suit. but he intrigued me to no end. i started to imagine how the photograph came into existence and what the original owner saw in this photo. my musings are included in the listing and i encourage everyone to bring a sense of wonder to their vintage adventures. i promise an imaginative trip of a lifetime.