27 March 2008

parting with keepsakes

as a fervent collector it is sometimes difficult to part with some of the amazing keepsakes i unearth in my travels. this new design is one such heartbreak. it's an art nouveau era french locket/photo album. beautiful repousse designs cover both the front and the back of the locket while the inside holds lovely black and white photographs from the french seaside. while surrendering such lovely pieces to my jewelry collection is always a trial, it does make me happy to know they will be appreciated by another.

21 March 2008

sping has sprung

eeek. i've been a very, very negligent blogger recently. and i hate to point fingers, but i'm going to have to blame most of it on the adorable creature in my previous post. mr. murphy has entered my life and in all honesty, he is such a bundle of love, silliness and energy that i've been finding it incredibly difficult to focus on making jewelry or blogging or anything apart from reveling in his sweetness. thankfully he's found the joy in long afternoon naps (in between trying to eat socks) so i've been able (finally) to devote some time the past few days to jewelry making and finally a new blog post! so here's a new style - just listed in the shop. it actually surprised me when it came to fruition because i'm not a huge fan of yellow. most likely because i can't wear it without (in my opinion, at least) looking a bit jaundiced. the sad state of affairs for a blonde i guess. but the ruby red glass paired with these warm vintage lucite beads was too delicious to pass up. so here it is. i'm really loving this piece and can actually foresee a way in which i can finally integrate yellow into my (accessories) wardrobe. so happy spring everyone. let the flowers bloom!

08 March 2008


murphy is now here in his new forever home! got up at 1am drove three hours and picked him up in the parking lot of a cracker barrel restaurant! kinda seedy way to meet my new best friend, but sooo worth it! murphy came from an irish setter rescue organization, save our setters, and they've taken such good care of him. check out those sideburns!! a fluffy, love hound (who is quite comfy on my bed already)

05 March 2008


starting a wee bit early...March 6th is my official ETSYVERSARY!
to celebrate, I'm holding a sale (ON NOW) in the shop. Everything in the shop is 20% OFF the list price until Midnight March 6th!!! To take advantage of the sale price, simply go through the regular etsy check out process but don't submit payment via PayPal until you receive and updated discount invoice from me.

and i want to take a moment to thank all of my wonderful customers for a dazzling two years!!!

04 March 2008

a new regime

oh if only there were little men offering me a congratulatory glass of champagne when i finish my 100 laps...but despite the lack of such delicacies, i am newly obsessed and thrilled about my decision to start swimming. the elliptical trainer was getting so darn tedious. those green and red lights blinking and nagging - showing me exactly how much longer i'm "supposed" to be going up an incline or trudging along a plateau... boring loring zoring doring!! i honestly think exercise should have some relaxing merits and thankfully swimming does indeed possess (at least for me) very calming attributes. the addition last week of earplugs has added to the solitary bliss. i can actually THINK while i'm swimming. i can dream up new designs and work out jumbled thoughts. show me the water and i'll be a happy, happy fishy.

01 March 2008

in like a lion

with spring on the horizon, i thought it was time to start creating bigger, bolder necklaces that you don't want to hide under a thick wooly coat. sassy necklaces that sashay with you down the rain-slicked, blossom strewn street. so here's to spring. go wild!