19 November 2008

on the brandywine...

I saw my first snowflake yesterday and to celebrate, I thought I'd post this whimsical Andrew Wyeth painting entitled "Snow Hill".
It perfectly illustrates my adoration of the wintry season. Others can dance around Maypoles with daisies in their hair...I'd prefer a Novemberpole with an evergreen at its top and holly as a crown.
The Wyeth family (N.C., Henriette, Carolyn, Andrew, and Jamie) are the Camelot of the American art society with many interesting tales to tell through their art and their lives. I grew up not far from their home in Chadds Ford, PA and am looking forward to a holiday visit to the Brandywine River Museum to once again marvel at their talent.
If anyone is planning a holiday trip to the Philadelphia or Wilmington, DE region, I cannot implore you enough to go check out this museum. It's contained in a 19th century grist mill and during Christmastime it is truly breathtaking. The little kiddies won't be bored either as they showcase a stunning Victorian doll house as well as a massive toy train display and handmade critter ornaments on all the trees! Click here for a tutorial on how to make the adorable (eco-friendly!) critter pictured to the left. Happy Snowy Days Ahead!!