20 January 2009


Today I want to take a moment to express the immense hope I have for my country as we welcome our 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama, into office.
I've been wearing the locket to the left all day and truly embrace its sentiment.
I just heard a report on the news that despite the enormous crowd assembled in Washington DC to celebrate this momentous occasion, there was not a single arrest made. Over 2 million of my fellow citizens congregated in a confined space for an event eagerly anticipated by many and everyone remained respectful of everyone else. That is what this country is all about. Respect for ALL!
I wish you all the best President Obama, and you have my full support as you embark on this difficult journey.

16 January 2009

Godspeed, Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth passed away (in his sleep) yesterday at the age of 91.
As quite a fan of this American giant, I am saddened to see him leave the world and yet thankful that his artistic genius blessed us with an abundance of masterpieces that will be treasured always. I've decided to post an image of one of his self-portraits, Trodden Weed described elsewhere:
Among Wyeth’s many works that belong to his Pennsylvania experience, but not specifically the Kuerners, is Trodden Weed (1951), a picture reportedly admired by Nikita S. Khrushchev, depicting the booted legs of a man walking on a brown hill. He conceived the idea for the painting while recuperating from a severe illness, when he slowly roamed the fields wearing a pair of boots that had once been part of Howard Pyle’s costume collection and watching his feet and the ground beneath. The painting may symbolize death itself or man’s rejection of illness and death.
Thank you Mr. Wyeth. Godspeed.

03 January 2009

brandywine delights

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I just realized I did not update the blog in all of December. Woe is me. Thankfully today's adventures have inspired a new post - linked to the previous November post regarding the stunning Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, PA. I finally got over there to see their holiday display today and it was absolutely worth the wait. To the left is the entrance to the museum featuring a beautiful sculpture entitled "Boy with Hawk" by Charles Parks. Set in front of the massive natural evergreen wreath amidst some colorful winter landscaping, it's quite a breathtaking site. The museum was bustling, filled with families with young children delighting in the train and doll house displays. Apart from the Wyeth family's art work, I most enjoyed a painting by Horace Pippin entitled "Saying Prayers" as well as pieces by John Frederick Peto (this image isn't the one on display at Brandywine- photos weren't allowed in the galleries but gives a sense of his style which I love as it reminds me of some of Joseph Cornell's mixed media pieces...)
The most darling of the displays though were the handcrafted ornaments (made by the staff and volunteers) - all made from items found in the surrounding woods! (eco-friendly, sustainable adorableness!!) - that were hung from various trees and wreaths throughout the museum. Additionally a number of whimsical scenes such as the "There was an Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe..." story were turned into glass-encased dioramas that were tucked into various vestibules. Thankfully photography (non-flash, if you please!) was allowed in the non-gallery areas of the museum so I can share these sweet images with you. There was another diorama that had an amazing tea party scene with acorns as tea cups that I desperately wanted to photograph, unfortunately the glare from the sun against the glass made capturing that image impossible...(another reason for you to visit yourself!)
Here are the final pictures of the diorama. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2009!